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Since January 2022, I am designer for the Nike House of Innovation PAR/002 Champs Elysées as part of the Nike EMEA Brand Creative.

Our objective is to create an immersive, digital customer experience linked to sport and innovation. 


For the Nike's 50th anniversary we created an immersive and interactive takeover robotic assistant to discover stories from the Department of Nike Archive. This robot arm set up allows visitors to uncover the heritage of each item, via a touch screen and intuitive UX, using the robot to fetch your chosen item. Development of all the Behind the Design’ storytelling for our key seasonal products.

TDM08265 - Nike - 50th Anniversary - HOI Paris - TDM.Space - WEB -_.jpg
Export_Nike HOI 2022_Valentin Fougeray_WEB 17 (1).jpg
TDM08655 - Nike - 50th Anniversary - HOI Paris - TDM.Space - WEB -_ (1).jpg
Export_Nike HOI 2022_Valentin Fougeray_WEB.jpg
Export_Nike HOI 2022_Valentin Fougeray_WEB 1 (1).jpg
Export_Nike HOI 2022_Valentin Fougeray_WEB 24.jpg
Export_Nike HOI 2022_Valentin Fougeray_WEB 16 (2).jpg
Export_Nike HOI 2022_Valentin Fougeray_WEB 11.jpg


In the center of the arena, we've developed a try-on experience, where consumers are getting to opportunity to test these the new Mercurial boots, enter their score to the leader board and win prizes.

Consumer also have an exclusive access to our DNA archives and explore the history of Nike and sport thanks to our robot assistant. Explore the innovation advances in key boots from the Mercurial lineage.

Capture d’écran 2023-01-16 à 14.45.41.png
Capture d’écran 2023-01-16 à 14.44.38.png
Nike_HOI_Mercurial_Valentin Fougeray_P2_HD 9.jpg
Nike_HOI_Mercurial_Valentin Fougeray_P2_HD 1.jpg
Nike_HOI_Mercurial_Valentin Fougeray_EXPIII_HD.jpg
22_07_12 Nike HOI_MERCURIAL0270.jpg
Nike_HOI_Mercurial_Valentin Fougeray_P1_WEB 2.webp
Nike_HOI_Mercurial_Valentin Fougeray_EXPIII_WEB 7.webp
Nike_HOI_Mercurial_Valentin Fougeray_P2_WEB 18.webp


For the Nike campaign Dance x Air Force 1 we collaborated with artist NSDOS who augments his dance sessions with a bespoke motion sensor that tracks his moves, generating 4 bespoke visuals, breaking, new style, waacking and dancehall. 

The 4 designs are applied on AF1 with a technique called hydro dipping that creates unique pairs each time.

HOI22_Air Force Dance_Valentin Fougeray_WEB 19.jpg
Nike_HOI_Mercurial_Valentin Fougeray_P1_WEB 9.webp
HOI22_Air Force Dance_Valentin Fougeray_WEB 11 (1).jpg
HOI22_Air Force Dance_Valentin Fougeray_WEB 20 (1).jpg
HOI22_Air Force Dance_Valentin Fougeray_WEB 31 (1).jpg
HOI22_Air Force Dance_Valentin Fougeray_WEB 35 (1).jpg
HOI22_Air Force Dance_Valentin Fougeray_WEB 4.jpg
HOI22_Air Force Dance_Valentin Fougeray_WEB 25.jpg
HOI22_Air Force Dance_Valentin Fougeray_WEB 9 (1).jpg
HOI22_Air Force Dance_Valentin Fougeray_WEB 38.jpg
HOI_WC22_VF_WEB_ 11 (1).jpg
HOI_WC22_VF_WEB_ 17.jpg
HOI_WC22_VF_WEB_ 03.jpg
HOI_WC22_VF_WEB_ 26.jpg


To launch the new Nike Air Max Pulse, we gave visitors of the House of Innovation the chance to remix the feel of the air with the Al generator.With Al image generator the interactive image-mixing table enabled guests to create one-of-a-kind visuals that capture the spirit of Air Max. We also develop personalized t-shirts in collaboration with Golgotha agency and we worked in with Royalclub for created a kinetic installation.

HOI_WC22_VF_WEB_ 24.jpg
HOI_WC22_VF_WEB_ 30.jpg
HOI_WC22_VF_WEB_ 06.jpg
HOI_WC22_VF_WEB_ 40.jpg
benoitflorencon-nike-airmaxpulse-finals-web-19 (1).jpg
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